We are blessed to have Reverends George & Ali Lufkin as our Supply Priest's. Since first joining us in January 2020, Reverends George & Ali continue to bring our church together in faith and community. They are excellent communicators and always willing to offer advice or assistance. If you would like to reach out to Reverend George, for any reason, use the contact information below.

Reverends George & Ali Lufkin
Office: (970) 945-6423

Email: office@saint-barnabas.info


Choir Director - Chris Cascketta
Email: obiecon@gmail.com

Treasurer - Michelle David
Email: bhml223@msn.com

Administrator - Chris Cascketta
Email: obiecon@gmail.com


Vestry Members

Martha Lindenberg: Sr. Warden
Phillip Gallegos: Jr. Warden
Noel Gannet: Clerk
Gail Farcht
Eileen Leland
Jon Lindenberg
Kristen Main
Karen Owens